Beerus Dragon Ball Z
Name: Beerus
Origin: Dragon Ball Z
Gender: Male
Classification: God
Age: 75,000,000 Years Old
Strength Lifting: Human+ level
Striking Strength: Planet level
Speed: Sub-Relativistic Level
Striking Speed: Mid Transonic Level
Reaction Speed: Low Transonic Level
Durability: Multi-Planet level (Base)

Multi-Galaxy level (Likely at Full Power)

Destructive Capacity: Moon level (Finger Tap)

Planet Level (Whim)
Multi-Planet level (Combat)
Solar System level (Half Power)
Galaxy+ level (Full Power)
Universe level (Speculation)
Universe+ level (Headcanon)

Intelligence: High Average level
Range: Universal Level (+Oracle/Energy Wave)
Stamina: Supernatural level


  • Beerus is beyond scared of the Omni-King and his mysterious power.
  • Beerus is still not fully trained so Whis can still handle him in a combat situation.
  • Beerus can die if the Supreme Kai of his Universe dies as well.
  • Beerus just like his Martial Arts teacher can't survive a universe destruction.
  • Beerus doesn't have Universal durability.
  • Beerus isn't Immortal and can be hurt or worse if he isnt ready.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality
    • Longevity
    • Almost Ageless.
    • Almost immune to diseases.
  • Expert Martial Artist
    • Hand to Hand expert
  • Berserk Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Flight
  • Energy Based Attack
  • Energy manipulation
  • Energy blasts
  • Plant Destruction
  • Transmutation (Egg into sand)
  • Ki Manipulation


  • Ki Blast: Beerus can send out a wave of energy blast from his body mostly through his hands he is capable of planet destruction by hitting the core of the planet.
  • Expert Martial Arts: Being trained by Whis for countless years Beerus has shown to have the near mastery levels of martial arts quickly to disable groups of earth mightiest fighters in minutes or seconds.
  • Advance Ki Potency: With a tap, Beerus split a planet in half using his Godly Ki.
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