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Beyond Realm Marvel Comics.png
Name: Beyonderverse
Origin: Marvel Comics
Creator: Beyonder (Pre-Retcon)

Beyonders (Post-Retcon)

Size: Transfinite
Inhabitant(s): Beyonders (Currently)

Beyonder (Pre-Retcon)

Environment: Extra-Dimensional Alien Type
Location Type: Endless White Space


The Beyond Realm was originally a being known as the Beyonder it was an infinite realm beyond the Marvel Multiverse (or Omniverse), and was the sum of everything outside the multiverse and that the Marvel Multiverse (or Omniverse) was a drop in the sea compared to the Beyond-realm. Making it infinitely bigger than the known Marvel Multiverse (Or Omniverse) at this time it is believed Here, that the Beyonder (Originally) is/was the all-powerful God, Creator, Ruler, and Inhabitant. He is everything and everyone in this realm as everything is him. His mere thought became reality anything he dreamed of was his and his alone with him in this Plane of Existence it would be utterly nothing. Post-Retcon Beyond Realm was when the energy escaped to the Beyond Realm making a Infinite Universe here it was like the planet earth and having Beyonder as the absolute ruler until Kubik came in and shown that he isnt in control of this existence between it was revealed this Universe was a simple Gift from the Beyonders and where this retcon ended and a new take its place as the Beyond Realm is like a Giant Observing Room which they did many tests and experiences upon many races.

The Living Tribunal gives a brief of the Beyonders.

The Beyonders used the Beyond Realm to observe and experiment with the given universe (as The Living Tribunal stated in the scan above) they have abilities that surpasses the beings in the picture. And the realm itself is beyond time and space its known as the "Wild white Space".

Powers and Abilities

  • Beyonder (Pre-Retcon): Absolute authority of the Beyond realm able to think and it happens the beyonder shown to be Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent in this realm.
  • Beyonder (Cosmic Cube): Unlike his pre-retcon form the beyonder in his post-retcon has limited control where he was beaten by his own "Brother" Kubik
  • Beyonders: The beyonders just like the original Beyonder have complete control of the Beyond realm.

Pre-Retcon Beyond Realm Gallery

Post-Retcon Beyond Realm Gallery

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