Dragon ball Z calculations are always inaccurate.

Calculations/Quantifications/Mathematical is the process of assigning numerical values to feats of

  • Strength
    • Strength Lifting
    • Striking Strength
  • Speed
    • Striking Speed
    • Reaction Speed
  • Durability
  • Destructive Capacity

using false scientific methods and just using math methods and just basing off of real life images/info and adding them to the character feat and the characters fictional universe.

Mathematical Usage

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication

What Counters Calculations?

  1. Author statements
  2. Adaptation errors
  3. Someone else's calculations.

Why Mathematical Calculations Wont Be On FBO

Calculations are just pure speculation and assumption fan made by fans of the series to power boost their favorite character and or downplay someone else's favorite character. This can lead to pure arguments and pure biased opinion which both aren't allowed on FBO as arguments in this general saying is calling each other names and calling each other insults for no reason. So nothing really Fan created will be on this Wikia because it takes to long to do such things and its very personated than pure actual fan boy statements with no proof.

Allowed Calculations

Image Calculations

Image calculations are better estimates than just making random numbers images like the one above is allowed so posting on the forum wiki with image calculations are 100% allowed but making EXTREME WRONGFUL image will not be tolerated. Calculations like Goku being FTL when using Instant Transmission is point blank lying and wont be accepted because its teleportation and isn't Speed.

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