Complete Arsenal
Complete Arsenal
Ajimu Najimi possess 12,858,051,967,633,867 different abilities.
Power/Ability to: Possess all forms of abilities and powers.


  • Complete Powers
  • Complete Abilities
  • Living Powers
  • All Powers
  • True Abilities
  • Power Creation


Users will possess an unknown number of powers and abilities, including some non-existing or even impossible powers users, will sometime also have knowledge of all possibilities to their powers in battle and know weaknesses of their own abilities and are capable of overwhelming their opponent with an immense torrent of combos if they are in a fight.


Similar Powers


  • Users do not have Omnipotence.
  • Users do not have Omniscience.
  • Users do not have Omnipresence.
  • Users may have Nigh-Omnipotence (Near-Infinite Power).
  • Users may have Nigh-Omniscience (Near-Infinite Knowledge).
  • Users may have Nigh-Omnipresence (Exist Almost Anywhere).
  • Users may actually have a limit to their arsenal in terms of power categories.
  • Users can't affect those who have Power Negation since they can negate their powers.
  • Users can't affect those who have Boundary Manipulation since they can counter and negate their powers.
  • Users can't affect those who have Powers Manipulation since their powers can be manipulated.
  • Users will still suffer from the powers natural weaknesses.