Cosmic Cube
Cosmic Cube Marvel Comics
Name: Cosmic Cube
Origin: Marvel Comics
Classification(s): Omnipotence
Creator: Beyonders
Wielder(s): Thanos

Silver Surfer
Red Skull
Project: PEGASUS
Doctor Doom
Aleksander Lukin
Mole Man

Destructive Capacity: Planet Level

Solar System Level
Galaxy Level
Universe Level
Universe+ Level
Multiverse level
Multiverse+ level
Omniverse level (True Power)

Range: Omniverse Level


Cosmic Cubes has the ability to affect anything on an existence level scale which is because of their power which can be effectively used by the imagination of the wielder who holds them, and because they are in a baby state until the Cosmic Cubes gains its own independent sentience and becomes self-aware and will later use their powers effectively without a wielder, and even still a non-mature cosmic cube can set their own taboos limiting themselves from doing a certain action according to them as explained by Mephisto, Thanos, Doctor Doom, and The Living Tribunal that they wield Omnipotence (Unlimited Power).

  • Beyonder and Molecule Man were causing trans-multiversal effects by their own raw power alone.
  • Cosmic Cubes are only below The Living Tribunal because they aren't sentient.
  • Kubik had stated that beings like Celestials or Galactus are above them when in actuality that they are above them once they show the will/imagination to do it.
  • In an Alternate universe a single cosmic cube caused a trans-multiverse to Omniversal destruction and rebirth, and in another universe made a powerful cosmic energy engine from a race of celestials from that universe because the wielder believed it to be above them.
  • In Secret Wars II (Retconned) still states that Cosmic Cube Beyonder had still killed the abstract Mistress Death and yet still managed to revive her when no other being in existence could but was due to the omnipotence of the Beyonder energy.

Powers and Abilities

  • Omnipotential
    • Reality Warping (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Matter Manipulation (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Time Manipulation (Universe-Omniverse)
      • Time Travel
      • Age Manipulation
      • Time Stopping
      • Time Acceleration
      • Time Deceleration
      • Time Destruction
    • Energy Manipulation (Universe-Omniverse)
      • Energy Absorption
      • Energy Deflection
    • Magic Manipulation (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Size Manipulation (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Unity (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Reality Embodiment (Universe-Omniverse)
    • Nigh-Omniscience (Or even Omniscience)
      • Cosmic Awareness
      • Foresight
      • Prediction
    • Nigh-Omnipresence (Or even Omnipresence)
    • Mind Manipulation
      • Mind Control
      • Mind Reading
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