Vehicle Name: Demonbane
Vehicle Origin: Demonbane
Vehicle Gender: Male
Vehicle Classification: Robot
Vehicle Creator(s): Unknown
Vehicle Driver(s): Kurou Daijuji
Vehicle Age: Millions of years old
Vehicle Strength Lifting: Immeasurable
Vehicle Striking Strength: Galaxy level (S. Trapezohedron)

Multi-Galaxy (Size)

Vehicle Speed: Massive Faster than light level
Vehicle Striking Speed: Massive Hypersonic Level
Vehicle Reaction Speed: Massive Hypersonic Level
Vehicle Durability: Universe Level
Vehicle DC: Universe Level (Size)

Universe+ Level (Speculation)

Vehicle Intelligence: Depends on the Pilot.
Vehicle Range: Multi-Universe+ Level (Manga/Game)
Vehicle Stamina: Infinite


  • Demonbane might have beaten an Avatar of Nyarlathtoep at one point but Nyarlathotep is still above Demonbane in power.
  • Demonbane might be possibly below that of Azathoth before the sealing.
  • Demonbane is below Yog-Sothoth


Powers and Abilities

  • Robot Physiology
    • Swordsmanship
  • Infinite Speed

Gameplay Moves