Heart of the Universe
Heart of the universe Marvel Comics
Name: Heart of the Universe
Origin: Marvel Comics
Classification(s): Virtual Omnipotence
Creator: Unknown
Wielder(s): Thanos

Celestials Order

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level
Range: Universe Level


  • The heart of the universe can be surpassed by The-One-Above-All,Beyonder, and theoretically The Living Tribunal since it was hinted the living tribunal was limited in power.
  • The Heart of the Universe has been confirmed to be non-canon and universal in power not effecting the given canon multiverse or universe.
  • The Heart of the Universe is not infinite as it took Thanos own life to fix a flaw within the universe.

Powers and Abilities

  • Unity (Universe Level)
    • Virtual Universe Omnipotence
    • Virtual Universe Omnipresence
    • Virtual Universe Omniscience
    • Reality Warping (High Tier)
    • Cosmic Energy Blasts
    • Energy Force Field
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