1. 1,000 Edits
  2. Can debate about character's for accurate debates.
  3. Doesn't get offended,angry,upset and or emotional about situations.
  4. Can follow orders when asked to do something.
  5. Can be active at least causally.
  6. Can follow the set rules of the forum.
  7. Doesn't have problems with religion,sex, and or race.
  8. Can sign up to the forum to help support FBO.
  9. Support and Help the many given social media of FBO.

How to not get the job

  1. Trolling.
  2. Past trouble history.
  3. Banned from forum.
  4. Cant be 12-14 years of age.
  5. Being racist. (Ex: "Dumb n***ers.")
  6. Being Sexist: (Ex: "Woman cant be admin lol.")
  7. Bashing (Ex: "Yeah ***** is a f**".)

Head Staff

  1. BeyonderGodOmnipotent: Founder
  2. TheOmnipotentOne: Co-Founder