Infinite Speed
Infinite Speed
The Runner is an ancient being (5 Billion years old) who use the Power of Primordial Energy which he used over billions of years and has made him the most notable fastest cosmic being in existence.
Power/Ability to: possess infinite speed and velocity-based power.


  • Unlimited Speed
  • Myriad Speed
  • Absolute Speed
  • Incalculable Speed
  • Absolute Velocity
  • Cosmic Speed
  • Faster Than Light
  • Above Speed
  • Massive Faster Than Light
  • Godlike Speed
  • Infinite Speed
  • Supreme Velocity
  • Absolute Velocity
  • Speed Force
  • Perfect Speed
  • True Speed
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Supreme Speed
  • Immeasurable Speed


The Users of this rare ability can move at speeds that most machines or high level beings cant comprehend even the most powerful of beings cant grasp and outrun or avoid anything an opponent can use against the user. The users can run and move at infinite velocities. This ability allows the user to easily reach and or even surpass and perceive light speed movements and move at speeds that allow them to move past time and space itself. In some cases this can be determined by the distance perceived within a time limit.


Similar Powers


  • Users might have unlimited speed but their level of stamina and endurance helps maintain this ability.
  • If the user allows themselves to accelerate too much, their momentum may become uncontrollable.
  • If the user breaks a certain limit within their series they can break time and space leaving them to age or much worst.
  • The ability itself depends on the level of durability of the user as-well.
  • The users of this ability is not fully Omnipresent nor Nigh-Omnipresent.

Known Users