Infinites Marvel Comics
Race Name: Infinites
Race Origin: Marvel Comics
Race Gender: Seemly Male unknown
Race Classification: Abstract Entities
Race Age: Possibly Billions of years old
Race Strength Lifting: Planet level (Base)

Sun+ level (Base)
Universe level (Single Hand)

Race Striking Strength: Universe level (Single Hand)
Race Speed: Nigh-Omnipresent
Race Striking Speed: Featless
Race Reaction Speed: Featless
Race Durability: Universe Level (Possibility)
Race Destructive Capacity: Planet Level

Sun level
Galaxy Level
Multi-Galaxy level
Universe level
Universe+ level (Likely)

Race Intelligence: Super Genius Level
Race Range: Multiverse Level
Race Stamina: Unknown


Infinites are still infinitely below the The-One-Above-All and the original Beyonder. They are under the authority of The Living Tribunal and they're were possibly killed by they power of the Beyonders as well.



Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipresence
  • Super Genius Intelligence
  • Outside the Multiverse Physiology
  • Planet Manipulation
  • Planet Creation
  • Sun Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Size Manipulation
  • Space Manipulation
  • Time Manipulation
  • Cosmic Awareness