God-Man causes a omnipotence Paradox


The Omnipotence Paradox: States that if a being can perform any action, then it should be able to create a task which this being is unable to perform; hence, this being cannot perform all actions. Yet, on the other hand, if this being cannot create a task that it is unable to perform, then there exists something it cannot do.

Questions Of Omnipotence

  • Is an omnipotent entity logically possible?
  • What do we mean by "omnipotence"?
  • What do we mean by "power"?
  • What do we mean by "logic"?
  • What is the relation between power and logic?

Actual Omnipotence Paradox

  • Can God create his own God? (Basically make an equal in every aspect)

A: No because it would be nigh-omnipotent and God CANT have an equal and if the equal doesn't show its equal means they aren't truly equal.

  • Can God exist during the present?

A: No because God is a being who is Primordial and if one exist in the current then it would be illogical.

  • Can God Kill himself?

'A: Yes because he is able to do anything he wants Killing himself is logically a concept to such a being.

Non-Omnipotence Paradoxes

  • Can God Limit himself?

A: Yes because he is doing his own Limitations and not someone else and yet he can still be all-powerful.

  • Can God ignore paradoxes/contradictions?

A: Yes because this would shows his Omnipotence because logically if he can't counter a Paradox/Contradiction then he isn't Absolute in power,knowledge, and or existing everywhere.


Omnipotence can do anything Logically/Illogically.

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