Name: Popeye
Origin: Popeye: The Sailor Man
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Age: Unknown
Strength Lifting: Planet Level

Multi-Planet Level (Juggled)
Sun Level (Lasso)

Striking Strength: Tree+ level (Base)

Forrest Level (Base)
Large Meteorite Level (Spinach)

Durability: Large Ship Level
Range: Sun Level
Stamina: Infinite (Spinach)


  • Popeye Toon Force like all the users can not kill.
  • Popeye can't redraw himself if he chooses to erase himself.
  • Popeye gets most of his known powers from Spinach.
  • Popeye is vastly overpowered by Bluto, until he takes his Spinach.


Powers and Abilities

  • Reality Warping (Toon Force) (Spinach)
    • Magic Immunity (Low Tier) (Spinach)
    • Mind Control Immunity (Low Tier) (Spinach)
    • Supernatural Strength (Spinach)
      • Berserk Strength (Spinach)
      • Space Survivability (Spinach)
    • Supernatural Durability
  • Hyponsis Immunity (Low Tier) (No Spinach)
  • Bullet Proof (No Spinach)
  • Object Repairing (Mid Tier)
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