Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities information and profiles was introduce on May 22, 2015 by Beyonder

Major Difference

  1. We list all known powers from fictional series and we don't give half listed users or information.
  2. All information is going to be as accurate as can be!
  3. Levels are new to the system because we view every character has levels of their abilities and so we listed them here for users/readers to get more information from.

True Omnipotent Powers

Raw Power

Almost Omnipotent Powers


Specific Infinite Powers

Creation Manipulation

Offensive Powers

Defensive Powers

Cosmic Powers

Reality Powers


Immortality Powers

Good Powers

Evil Powers

Supernatural Powers

Element Powers


Controlling Powers

Dimensional Powers

Weapon Powers

Unique Powers

Superhuman Powers

Scientific Powers

Biological Powers

Consumption Powers


Angelic Powers

Demonic Powers

Need Category


Fictional Battle Omniverse Rules

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