Hello everyone, members who edit here might be questioning why we "Separate" certain amount of pages on the wiki and we have multiple reasonings and explanations to how and why it's this way...

  1. Continuity: This isn't like Alternate Versions/Reboot but more or less a separate whole Universe with a different continuity like Thor Odinson from Marvel Comics isn't the same Thor Odinson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (One is comics and the other is a live film continuity.)
  2. Alterante Versions: Specific characters may have in-alternate universe versions of themselves like Ben Tennyson from Ben Tennyson from Dimension-23 which aren't out of continuity.
  3. Reboots: Specific characters may have been rebooted entirely and not retconned like Jason Voorhees (Reboot) is not the original nor the same original Jason Voorhees.
  4. Retcons: Specific characters may have been retcons in their series for examples are Cosmic Cube Beyonder (Aka Post-Retcon Beyonder) who has a different origin/power level from his original Beyonder (Aka Pre-Retcon Beyonder) version.
  5. Crossovers: Crossovers aren't by all definition "Canon" (Until the creators/company says otherwise) this is like Freddy Vs Jason and AvP where Friday the 13th/A Nightmare on Elm street acknowledges each other as Canon and where Alien Vs Predator's continuity doesn't as with Alien Franchise not acknowledging it as Canon, unlike the Predator Franchise that does accept it as Canon.
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