Sacred Ancestor

The Sacred Ancestor Manga Form

The Sacred Ancestor Novel Form

Name: Sacred Ancestor
Origin: Vampire Hunter D
Gender: Male
Classification: Vampire/God
Age: Trillion+ Years old(Origin Earth Creation)
Strength Lifting: Immeasurable (Akashic Record)
Striking Strength: Immeasurable (Akashic Record
Speed: Omnipresent (Akashic Record)
Striking Speed: Multi-Light/Immeasurable(Akashic Record)
Reaction Speed: Multi-Light/Immeasurable(Akashic Record)
Durability: Varies/Immeasurable(Akashic Record)
Destructive Capacity: Universal+(Akashic Record)
Intelligence: Omniscient
Range: Universal+(Akashic Record)
Stamina: Immeasurable(Akashic Record)


  • D
  • Mina the Fair

Powers and Abilities

Dracula',' who is more like a force of nature than a vampire. His mere presence is described as being darker than a black hole, and can crush a person's psyche. He is a being that posses the density of infinitely compacted darkness. He's able to summon large storms to blot out the sun, teleport vast distances, annihilate a castle and created a hole a few miles in circumference and over a mile deep with a wave of his cape. Cut down a fleeing Noble's coffin, which was nearly a mile underwater, and created a trench almost 1.25 miles long, 50 feet at its widest, and nearly 2 miles deep in the process. Raise a village hundreds of feet out of a poisonous valley with a gesture. Summon magma from the earth to envelop his opponent, can instantly freeze his opponent down to absolute zero, even after covering them with above magma, and single handedly stopped & reversed a planet sized meteorite ripped from a celestial body sent by Valcua on a collision course with Earth. His power remains unknown, but suggesting he outclasses any and every Noble leaves him in a class by himself, or so it seems. Finally read and rewrite the akashic records, which contain the entirety of all creation's(this universe and all others) past, present, and future, basically making him an omniscient god.

  • Vampire God Physiology
    • Immortality
    • Supernatural Strength
    • Supernatural Senses
      • Sight
      • Smell
      • Hearing
    • Healing
    • Ageless
  • Source of all vampires in D verse.
  • True Form can not be perceived unless he wills it. Immune to attack unless he can be perceived fully attacking all dimensions he exists on at once.


  • Has all the skills and abilities displayed by the Nobility and by D.