Source of All
Source of All Archie Sonic Comics
Name: Source of All
Origin: Archie Sonic
Gender: No Gender
Classification: Pure Energy and Matter
Age: Millions of years old
Strength Lifting: No Feats
Striking Strength: No Feats
Speed: Omnipresent
Striking Speed: No Feats
Reaction Speed: No Feats
Durability: Nuke Level
Destructive Capacity: No Feats

Multiverse Level (Possibly)

Intelligence: Omniscient
Range: Multiverse Level
Stamina: Infinite


  • Source of all was apparently Evaporated debunking its omnipotence.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Sword of Acrons.
  • Omniscience: Gave Sally infinite knowledge.
  • Omnipresence
    • Energy Embodiment
    • Matter Embodiment
  • Magic Embodiment: Creator of the Master Emerald