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The Profile Suggsverse is not part of any Professional Work Of Fiction and its considered as Fanfic so it isn't suitable for the FBO Wikia.

Suggsverse is a notorious series created by the infamous Lional S. Suggs its so notorious because its used commonly used as a Joke around public forums and people who think it's official/logical are just trying to tick people off.

The Information

Lionel by many other people has a God-Complex which he believes he owns other fictional universes and terms the only known reason why he created the series was because his favorite series known as GetBackers was debunk on the Naruto forums and OBD network And causing his reputation from Good to bad and this would be known as the "GetBackers Deception" feeling emotional he sort out ONLY to make a OP series so that way he couldn't lose a debate this back fired and caused his series to be known as a joke due to the many reasons listed on this page.

The Series

  1. Badly Written
  2. Badly Plotted
  3. Badly Developed
  4. To many fictional terms which are illogical/not creditable.


  1. Contradictions
  2. Inconsistencies
  3. Badly Detailed
  4. Badly Created

He claims all the beings in his series are Omnipotent,Omnipresent, and Omniscient but yet they are beaten in a story which makes them not Omnipotent and he is credit for ignores real life definitions while creating fakes one making it seem his series is overpowered and unbeatable.

How to Handle Suggsverse People

Just make your own Fanfic and or say......

The suggsverse is very beatable as No one in the fictional series he writes is truly omnipotent.


This isn't a bashing toward his series or him but its overall known fanfic (Voted/agreed) and his characters aren't having profiles here but the fanfic wikia is open for such things.