The Infinites Marvel Comics
Name: Infinites
Identity: Secret Identity
Base of Operations: Outside the Multiverse
Universe: Undefined Dimension
Age: Unknown
Body Type: Inapplicable
Gender: Unknown
Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed
Limbs: Unrevealed
Fingers: 5
Toes: Unrevealed
Known Members: None Identified
Origin: Undefined Dimension
Creator(s): Sean Chen

Roger Stern
Kurt Busiek
Carlos Pacheco

First Appearance Last Appearance
Avengers: Infinity No.3 (2000)

(1st Appearance)

Avengers: Infinity No.4 (2000)

(Last Appearance)


The Infinites were a race of beings who claimed to be superior to any other creatures in existence, in any reality. They believed that by rearranging the flow of energies in other galaxies they would improve the balance of the multiverse, and have dispatched humanoid-sized creatures called Servitors along with the larger than a planet servants called Walkers who would refashion the raw elements of the planets into materials that the infinites used to rearrange and restructure galaxies. The infinites task led to the annihilation of a planet colonized by the Rigellians. They were confronted by the Asgardian, Thor and his fellow Avengers. Together they opposed the Infinites, and alerted Eternity, embodiment of time, to the danger that these outsiders presented to the universe. The Avenger brought Eternity and the Infinites to the Dimension of Manifestations, and there they convinced the Infinite to abandon their reality; one of the Infinite sacrificed its existence to create a new planet to replace the colony it had destroyed. The interference of the Avengers in the Infinites schemes upset the Time-Keepers, former masters Immortus, and who was also instrumental in Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar deciding to turn Earth into a penal colony, as she feared the influence humans were having on the galaxy.[1][2]


The Infinites were able to dwarf Eternity the embodiment of Time and the Universe itself but it is unknown if they were above the powers of the Living Tribunal but it's known they aren't above the powers of The-One-Above-All the Omnipotent,Omniscient, and Omnipresent creator of the Omniverse.

Power and Abilities

Infinites were abstract beings from outside of the Multiverse. They possessed the ability to rearrange the energies of planets and stars. They appeared to dwarf Eternity in power.

  • Cosmic Energy/Energy Manipulation: Infinites shown to possess a high degree of energy manipulation able to manipulate energy of an entire galaxy but infact entire Galaxies.
  • Cosmic Strength: Infinites were capable of hauling entire suns and planets from entire galaxies
  • Dimensional Travel: Infinites are capable of traveling through dimensions since they travel in and out of the Multiverse itself.


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