The Living Tribunal
The Living Tribunal Marvel Comics
Name: The Living Tribunal
Origin: Marvel Comics
Gender: Male
Classification: Cosmic being
Age: Primordial
Strength Lifting: Immeasurable Level
Striking Strength: Inapplicable
Speed: Omnipresent
Striking Speed: Metahuman level (M-Body)

Irrelevant (Non-Corporeal)

Reaction Speed: Metahuman level (M-Body)

Irrelevant (Non-Corporeal)

Durability: Universe level (Limited M-Body)

Multiverse level (M-Bodies)
Megaverse Level (Base)
Omniversal Level (True Form)

Destructive Capacity: Planet Level

Sun Level
Universe Level (Whim)
Universes Level (Base)
Multiverse level (Limited)
Multiverse+ level (Half Power)
Megaverse Level (Full Power)
Omniversal (Imaginable)

Intelligence: Near-Omniscient (When Limited by TOAA)

Omniscient (When Allowed by TOAA)

Range: Omniverse Level
Stamina: Infinite level


  • The Living Tribunal Main weaknesses consist of omnipotent beings such as Pre-Retcon Beyonder,The-One-Above-All, and the The Beyonders.
  • The Living Tribunal position was nearly usurped by the Artificial human Protege this was able to happen because the living tribunal wasn't the judge, jury, and executioner holding power over a cosmic verdict it was Scathan the Approver serving as a judge which the Living Tribunal was the executioner and the Jury was Eternity.
  • Causing the concepts of the living tribunal embodiment will weaken him as if there is no law or judgment then he has no authority while also having to counter his duality like what Master Order and Lord Chaos did with their increased power.
  • The Living Tribunal functionally uses M-Bodies and only used his true form once against the Beyonders.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence
    • Reality Warping (Megaverse Level)
    • Creation (Created The Brothers)
    • Cosmic Depowering (High Tier)
    • Magic Manipulation (Megaverse Level)
    • Reality Anchoring (Megaverse level)
    • Magic Reversal (Megaverse level)
    • Time Manipulation (Megaverse level)
    • Space Manipulation (Megaverse level)
    • Space-Time Manipulation (Megaverse level)
    • Perfect Indestructibility
  • Omnipresence
  • Nigh-Omniscience
    • Future Sight
    • Past Sight
    • Cosmic Awareness
  • Transduality Transcendence
  • Cosmic Energy Embodiment
  • Perfect Indestructibility
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation
  • Cosmic Energy Blasts
  • Megaverse Creation
    • Universe creation
    • Multiverse Creation
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Immortality (Multi-Conceptual)
    • Ageless
    • Disease Immunity (All Diseases)
    • Regeneration (Extreme High Tier)
  • Dimension Manipulation
    • Dimension Creation
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Dimensional Separation
  • Universe Manipulation
    • Universal Separation
  • Judgment Embodiment
    • Judgment Manipulation
  • Law Embodiment
    • Law Manipulation
  • Conceptual Manipulation
    • Conceptual Authority
    • Conceptual Creation
  • Unlimited Strength
  • Infinite Stamina
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