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The Living Tribunal
The Living Tribunal Multiverse Marvel Comics.png
Name: The Living Tribunal
Aliases: The Living Trinity
Base of Operations: Omniverse
Birthday: N/A
Age: Primordial
Occupation: Omniversal Guardian

Omniversal Judge

Religion: Inapplicable
Affiliation: Inapplicable
Education: Omniscient
Place of Birth: Inapplicable
Place of Death: Moon (Formerly) (Secret Wars 2016)
Gender: Male
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Family: The-One-Above-All (Creator)

One Below All (Counter-Part)
Cosmic Beings (Siblings)

Marital Status: Single
Citizenship: Inapplicable
Identity: Secret Identity
Origin: Inapplicable
Universe: Omniverse
Creator(s): Stan Lee,Marie Severin & Herb Trimpe
First Appearance Last Appearance
Strange Tales No.157

(June 1967)

(1st Appearance)

New Avengers No.30

(April 2015)

(Last Appearance)


The Living Tribunal is a vastly powerful conceptual entity, one who has existed relative to the creation of the Omniverse. The Living Tribunal's only superior is The-One-Above-All, the entity which is apparently responsible for the existence of all life in the Omniverse, and possibly beyond.[1]

The Living Tribunal often interacts with other conceptual beings, serving as their arbiter and judge. The Living Tribunal appears as a giant yellow humanoid with three faces, each representing a different personality. It has a blank space where a fourth face could be exhibited. The Living Tribunal has suggested that this fourth face became the enigmatic cosmic entity known as the Stranger.[2]

Even Beings as great as Eternity,Infinity,Death, and Oblivion are subjects to the Living Tribunal's authority.

Unlike the other conceptual beings, the Living Tribunal does not possess counterparts in other realities, only one Living Tribunal exists in the Omniverse, and it is responsible for all judgments. The Living Tribunal's apparent base of operations is a dimension known as the Star Chamber, and it is served by lesser creatures called the Magistrati, who assist in judging matters where the Living Tribunal cannot intervene. The Living Tribunal also helped fashion the twin cosmic Entities the Brothers, each of whom became the guardian of a different Megaverse, within the larger Omniverse but encompassing more than a single Multiverse.[3]

During an event with his hooded-ally it was the living tribunal who creates and manipulated events by falsely creating a story for his own Megaverse, where he created a Replica of himself which made it seem he couldn't right such a tilt in the cosmic balance.[4] as the great living tribunal created two Multiverses which were exact replicas of the current Marvel and DC continuities making their origins seems unfathomable, stating they were Ying and Yang the concept of Good and Evil, who set contests between each other and that their cosmic battles created and ended all things in their existence, their goal was to see which was superuor by choosing their own respective given champions to fight for them.[5]

It was later revealed by the Dweller-In-Darkness that it was all part of a Cosmic Scheme by The Living Tribunal and his ally Spectre created the brothers with Spectre allowing the living tribunal himself to create replicas of their respected multiverses and with the final conflict having them merge to make the Amalgam Megaverse.

The Living Tribunal is not guided by any motivation or desires, but is entirely impartial, acting only in what it determines to be the greater interests of the universe. The Living Tribunal is more than willing to sacrifice millions of lives for the sake of billions more, or even billions for the sake of trillions, and will not deign to address the concerns of any lesser being without first establishing a plaintiff's importance.

When the Earth-616 Sorcerer Dr. Strange Brought the Creature Zom to Earth in order to help Drive off the sorceress Umar, The Living Tribunal was forced to intervene and banish Zom from Earth before he could destroy humanity. However, Zom's mere presence on Earth had tainted all life with the creature's evil. and the Living Tribunal informed Dr.Strange that Earth would have to be destroyed for the greater good. After convincing the Living Tribunal that he was a powerful sorcerer, Dr.Strange won the right for a reprieve, gaining time to try and eliminate Zom's contamination. Dr.Strange received the Staff of Solar Power from the creature Nebulos to absorb the evil magic, most of which was contained within Baron Mordo, but once the staff took Mordo's excess power, Nebulos claimed it for himself. The Living Tribunal intervened to face Nebulos, and Dr.Strange helped the Living Tribunal defeat him. The Living Tribunal destroyed the staff rather than the Earth,eliminating the threat.[6][7][8]

When Dr.Strange next encountered the Living Tribunal,he was informed that due to his works and heroes like him, the balance between good and evil on Earth had been tipped to good's favor,and that the Tribunal would have to release the In-Betweener to balance to the two sides in the interests of the cosmic entities Lord Chaos and Master Order. Opposing the In-Betweener, Dr.Strange was defeated. However, the spaceknight Rom argued on behalf of his mission to destroy the Dire Wraiths, stating that the Wraiths might yet tip the scales on Earth to evil's benefit. Rom observed that his presence on Earth would act as a balance to the Wraiths evil, and the Living Tribunal agreed with him and withdrew the In-Betweener.[9]

The Korvac of Earth-82432 accumulated such power that the Living Tribunal sealed that reality to prevent it from affecting others, removing the barrier only after that Korvac had used the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy himself and his entire universe.[10] When Earth-616's Omnipotent Beyonder threatened to eradicate Death itself, the Living Tribunal joined other cosmic entities in manifesting before the Beyonder to halt him. Although the Beyonder succeeded in destroying Death, he soon realized that the universe needed Death, and his friend Dave sacrificed himself to become the new Death.[11]

When the Living Tribunal first encountered the Silver Surfer, it submitted to him the concept that he was Galactus opposite number, and allowed the Surfer to become one with the universe for a moment. The Surfer was awestruck by this experience.[12]

When Earth-89112's reality was overrun with demons, the Living Tribunal nearly destroyed it, but that Earth was redeemed by its counterpart of the Phoenix Force, which eradicated all of the demons. The Living Tribunal then had the Phoenix Force depart from Earth.[13]

Shortly after attending the funeral of the Earth-616 reality's cosmic entity Eon [14],the Living Tribunal was petitioned by many of reality's conceptual beings,who were threatened by Thanos ascendance to godhood after claiming the six Infinity Gems.[15] Although Eternity argued that Thanos was seeking to supplant its role in the universe, the Living Tribunal simply observed that it was the nature of all life, and should be allowed to play out. However, when the gems wound up in the custody of Adam Warlock, the Living Tribunal ordered that they be divided among six caretakers and never be allowed to act in unison, as Warlock was too unstable to retain that power, In so doing, the living tribunal demonstrated that his power surpassed that of the gems.[16]

When Warlock's evil side, the Magus, rendered Eternity comatose, Galactus argued for the Living Tribunal remove its ban on the gems so that Warlock could use them to defeat the Magus.[17] Although the Magus obtained the gems himself, he was soundly beaten because he lacked the Reality Gem, Eternity and Infinity defeated him, then had the restriction placed on the gems again. Eternity held a private hearing with the Living Tribunal to argue against the Infinity Watch's continued custodianship of the Gems, but the Living Tribunal judged against Eternity.[18] However, the Living tribunal confide to eternity that because the Infinity Watch were within him, yet not under his control, he had obtained a gift of unpredictability which he should treasure.[19]

When the powerful Star Brand of Earth-148611 (the "New Universe") was inadvertently brought into the Earth-616 dimension by Quasar (Wendell Vaughn),it was wielded at first by his Girlfriend Kayla Ballantine,then seized by Ereshkigal, a Deviant. She attempted to conquer the Nexus of All Realities and challenged the Living Tribunal.[20] To determine the fate of the Multiverse, they chose as champions Quasar and the Silver Surfer. When Quasar realized he was Erishkigal's champion, he allowed himself to lose, and the Living Tribunal claimed the Star Brand, returning it to Kayla and used it to bring Earth-148611 into the Earth-616 dimension, the Living Tribunal placed a barrier around the planet to keep the Star Brand Energies from further contaminating the 616 reality.[21] Kayla was left behind on that world because she had wielded the brand.[22]

When formerly heroic mystic Dr.Druid summoned forth the demon Slortioth in order to prematurely advance the War of the Seven Spheres which the mystical Vishanti were engaged in, the Vishanti summoned the Living Tribunal and it judged against Slorioth, banishing it from Earth. When Earth-4321 Thanos gained vast power again through the Heart of the Infinite, the Living Tribunal joined champions from across reality to challenge him. Thanos destroyed all that existed with his power, but subsequently had a change of heart and restored reality, ridding himself of his power, the re-created universe lacked the terminal flaw which Thanos had sought to cure.[23] (Non-Canon Event)

Recently, the Magistrate employed Earth-616's She-Hulk to serve in the Star Chamber and assist them in judging cases from through the universe. During her time in the Star Chamber, She-Hulk earned the enmity of Zoma the Watcher for forcing his brother Qyre to be stricken silent. She also met the challenge of the Champion of the Universe when he lorded over the population of Skardon with his Power Gem, and ultimately bested him in combat.[24]

In the 31st century of Earth-691, the Living Tribunal was nearly usurped by the Protege, whose ability to duplicate the powers of others allowed him to manifest the Living Tribunal's own power. Although the Guardians of the Galaxy struggled futilely against the Protege, it was Scathan the Celestial who saved Reality by Judging against him, and the Living Tribunal absorbed the Protege into itself to prevent him from endangering reality again.[25][26][27][28]

Before Time Runs Out Earth-616 Uatu the Watcher had informed Tony Stark of a major secret that he found the Living Tribunal carcass on the Moon [29]. During Time Runs Out Hank Pym was sent to find the enigmatic Rabum All but he returned with horrible information that he witness what happened to the Living tribunal a fight between him and 3 of the rogue omnipotent Beyonders who were the beings who genocide the celestial races and including the cosmic beings and their alternate versions which includes Eternity,Infinity,Lord Order,Master Chaos, and In-Betweener from across the Omniverse. It was the living tribunal in his true form becoming an embodiment of a multiverse and once this was done he would have a long battle with these beings but he was out-powered and outnumbered and it leads them to kill him and cause his carcass to land on all the known moons within the omniverse. [30]

After the renewal of the new Omniverse, the new living tribunal was reborn along with it and it's cosmic beings and after a judgment, with him agreeing with Galactus new role it seems that Master Order and Lord Chaos murdered him in cold blood.[31]

After the Ultimates defeated the old Ultimates with High Evolutionary killing Ultimate version of Reed Richards freeing Eternity from being consumed by First Firmament it was Eternity who was becoming healthy again in which he meets his older incarnations with The Fifth imprisoning. The First Firmament leading him to the beyond to try to fix him but as this is done the Queen of Nevers also had the Celestial race returned to life as the Fifth Host was being resurrected by the One-Above-All which had thwarted the First Firmament's attempt to take over the Omniverse which also brought back the Living Tribunal who seems to be waiting for a cosmic punishment upon Master Order and Lord Chaos.[32]


The Living Tribunal manifests itself in a three-headed form. Each head representing a different facet of his personality:

  • Fully visible face represents Equity.
  • Fully hooded face represents Necessity.
  • Half hooded face represents Revenge.

The face which addresses a plaintiff identifies which personality is guiding the Living Tribunal's decisions.


The Living Tribunal is a conceptual being who embodies the principles of balance and justice and who manifests itself to Earth humans as a gigantic humanoid being with yellow skin whose head has three faces and floats above its shoulders, unconnected to them. The three faces represent three sides of the Tribunal's personality. The front face, through which is usually spoken, represents equity. The fully hooded face on the right side of its head stands for necessity. The half-hooded face on the left side of its head stands for just revenge. Beneath the veil over the back of his head, there appears to be nothingness. The Tribunal's hands and feet do have separate appendages. Its body lacks sexual organs. A bright light shines from its chest. It is not known whether this is the Living Tribunal's true form or if it even has a true form. The form described above may be merely that of a "Manifestation-body" (M-Body) representing the Tribunal. [33][34]


The Living Tribunal major weakness is beings like his creator The-One-Above-All and other Omnipotent beings like Beyonder (Pre-Retcon), and the relativity Omnipotent race that slain him also known as the Beyonders.

The-One-Above-All himself governs how much power and how much authority does the living tribunal has within an event but most times it is the Living Tribunal's free will in most judging of realities and he uses M-bodies to carry out minor judgement throughout the Omniverse.

Powers and Abilities

The Living Tribunal possesses virtually limitless power, the Living can survey the entire omniverse at once, obliterate planets or suns at will, and form impenetrable barriers around worlds or even whole universes. The Living Tribunal is the ultimate judge of creation whose task it is to maintain the balance of power between the universes! able to wipe out entire universes if necessary in order to protect this fragile balance. With only a few known beings able to surpass him in power is The-One-Above-All his creator, Beyonder (Pre-Recton Only) and the omnipotent race of The Beyonders.

  • Near-Omnipotence: The Living Tribunal has virtually unlimited reality warping powers and has unlimited and beyond multiverse control of Matter, Energy, Magic, Time, and even space itself he withheld enough power to create a Megaverse and has casually resurrected the concepts within the universe with a single finger snap, and disabled the Near-Omnipotent and Universal device known as Infinity Gauntlet also with just a whim.
  • Omnipresence: The Living Tribunal simultaneously exist within all realities within the Omniverse, even between the void's between universes with -1 Dimensional space to infinite dimensional spaces or even beyond it.
  • Omniscience: The Living Tribunal is said to be capable of seeing the Past, Present, and Future events, only if not limited by The-One-Above-All on a lot of situations.
  • Cosmic Awareness: The Living Tribunal has full awareness of the entire Omniverse so with all cosmic events he already knows from a destroyed universe to a destroyed planet.
  • Perfect Indestructibility: The Living tribunal is perfectly indestructible where no physical, mental, and or spiritual attacks may even damage or even scratch him only beings who can are the ones who wield the power of Omnipotence.
  • Size Manipulation: Living Tribunal has the power to change his size at whim to infinite amounts.
  • Teleportation: The Living Tribunal can teleport any being within the Omniverse including himself.
  • Psionic: The Living Tribunal is stated to have virtually unlimited Psionic power to an unknown degree.
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: The Living Tribunal has the power to manipulate cosmic energy on a beyond multiverse scale.
  • Dimensional Transcendence: The Living Tribunal exists beyond all of Space,Time and even Reality itself.
  • Judgement Embodiment: The Living Tribunal is the embodiment of Judgement itself within the Omniverse.
  • Law Embodiment: The Living Tribunal is the embodiment of Law itself within the Omniverse.


  • The Living Tribunal has only three known non-canon event appearances which includes the Marvels The End[35][36][37],Last Planet Standing[38][39][40], and What If? #32 because of how unusually weak marvel made him for these stories.


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