Note: The Primal Monitor is hinted to be another aspect of the The Presence

The Primal Monitor
The Primal Monitor DC Comics
Name: The Primal Monitor
Origin: DC Comics
Gender: No Gender
Classification: White Space
Age: Billions of years old
Strength Lifting: Immeasurable
Striking Strength: Indefinite
Speed: Omnipresence
Striking Speed: Indefinite
Reaction Speed: Indefinite
Durability: Indefinite
Destructive Capacity: Omniverse level
Intelligence: Omniscient
Range: Omniverse Level
Stamina: Infinite



Powers and Abilities

  • Omnipotence (Aspect of God)
    • Plot Manipulation
    • Story Manipulation
    • Storyline Creation
    • Storyline Manipulation
  • Omniscience (Book holds infinite knowledge)
  • Omnipresence (Canvas of Creation)