Whis Dragon Ball
Name: Whis
Origin: Dragon Ball
Gender: Male
Classification: Alien
Age: 75 Million+ Years Old
Strength Lifting: Planet level (Staff)

Multi-Planet level (Staff)

Striking Strength: Unknown
Speed: Faster than light (Staff only)
Striking Speed: High Sonic level
Reaction Speed: High Sonic level
Durability: Planet Level

Planet+ level (Speculation)

Destructive Capacity: Planet level (Staff)
Intelligence: Super Genius level
Range: Universe+ Level
Stamina: Supernatural level


  • Whis is under the authority of Omni-King.
  • Whis might be a martial arts teacher for Beerue but he is still below his father the Grand Priest.
  • Whis would try to eat anything he can on any given planet.
  • Whis will cease to function if Beerus dies.
  • Whis is not able to survive Universe level destruction just like the other Angels and Gods of Destruction.


Whis Staff

Power and Abilities

  • Hand to Hand Combat (High Tier)
  • Matter Manipulation (Basic-Low Tier)
  • Time Manipulation
    • Temporal Rewind (3 Minutes Rewind) W/Staff
  • Teleportation
  • Energy Based Attacks (Ki)
  • Energy Manipulation